101 questions for Jehavoh's Witnesses
The Purpose of this Booklet

Many Muslims receive regular visits from Jehovah's Witnesses. The two religious groups are in constant doorstep dialogues. This booklet is an aid to the . . .

How to end Racism
Recent events remind us that racism remains rampant. How can it end? Only understanding and education can end racism.

People must realise that God created all humans from one couple. The entire human race is therefore one la . . .

Tough Questions and Easy Answers
The Prophet's Married Life

Q. A Christian missionary Dr. Anis Shorrosh says that the prophet's wives were virtually captives in the prophet's houses. This he says because . . .

What Happens After Death ( A Reply to Jehovah's Witnesses)
Christians and Muslims believe, on the basis of their sacred scriptures, that humans are more than just body; they are also spirit. The scriptures show that the spirit remains after the body dies, that the spirit retains conscious existence, and that the spirit wi . . .