Answers to Alleged Contradictions in the Qur'an (Part Four)
CLAIM: Sibling share suddenly doubled
Katz claims that 4:12 contradicts 4:176. According to 4:12 when there is no direct heir a brother or a sister would receive 1/6 each; thus 1/3 altogether. But "4:176 says in the same situation that ?they shall receive two-thirds of what he leaves? [doub . . .
Answers to Alleged Contradictions in the Qur'an (Part One)
A Christian missionary web-site contains a list of what are claimed to be internal contradictions in the Qur?an. The list contains forty-nine numbered items authored by Jochen Katz. Readers may access this list at Here is a reply to each item of Katz?s list. We will se . . .
Answers to Alleged Contradictions in the Qur'an (Part Three)
Now we move on to consider and demolish Katz?s claims one by one.

PRIMARY CLAIM #1: Inheritance shares totaling more than 100%
Katz claims that there is a contradiction in the matter of inheritance. He says that the shares allotted to individual heirs in a particular case would add u . . .
Answers to Alleged Contradictions in the Qur'an (Part Two)
Mr. Katz?s failure

I think that Katz will, however, be disappointed. The contradiction list he provides does not contain a single real contradiction among the 49 claims. On the other hand, the list of 101 Bible contradictions that appear in my book could not be satisfactorily answered b . . .
Avoiding the Mistakes of Genesis
As we saw in chapter 2, both the Qur’an and modern science confirm that the heavens and the earth were created
simultaneously, having been separated from a primary nebula. It is important to understand that the Bible, the most
famous r . . .
Comparing Apples and Oranges
The sun and the moon are different from each other not only in terms of size, but also in terms of function. The sun generates light, but the moon does not. The moon merely reflects the light coming from the sun. Every high school student today knows this . . .
Does the Qur'an contain any prophecies about the future? Have any of these proved true?
Let us see some examples of Qur?anic prophecies that has already been fulfilled. One example is a prophecy that occurs in Surah 30 of the Qur?an. In the first six verses Allah promised that the Romans who had just been defeated in the year 615 C.E. would turn around and win a decisive victory . . .
Evidence from the Qur?an
God declares that those who impute sons and daughters to Him do so falsely and without knowledge (see surah 6:100). The Qur?an appeals to our reason by saying:

?The Originator of the heavens and the earth! How can He have a child when he has no consort, when He created all things a . . .
From a Gaseous Mass to the Heavens and the Earth
The Qur’an was revealed in the seventh century. Many statements pertaining to physical phenomena are dispersed throughout the Qur’an. These are there in the Qur’an to draw the attention of people to the wonders of Allah’s creation. Any . . .
How can Muslims be assured that the Qur'an is the Word of God?
1. Physical incapacity. The prophet was physically incapable to write the Qur?an. History has him as an unlettered man who could not write anything more than his own name. How could he write a book?

2. Sincerity. The prophet was morally constrained to tell the truth about the origin of . . .
How Many Earths are There?
If you open the Qur?an to the first surah, you will notice it begins as follows: ?In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.? Worlds? Not just one? Yes . . . worlds! There is the physical world, the spiritual world, the world of bacteria, and so fort . . .
Interstellar Galactic Material
The Qur’an mentions a rather curious category of created things, namely things between the heavens and the earth. Dr. Bucaille observes that this mention in the Qur’an “may surprise the twentieth century reader of the Qur’an” (The . . .
Isn't it true that the Qur'an is copied from the Bible?
Take for example the story of the flood that occurred in the days of the prophet Noah, on whom be peace. This event is narrated in both the Bible and the Qur?an. A careful examination of the two versions will show that the Qur?anic version could have come from no other source but God alone.
Muslims say that the Qur'an is a miracle. What is so miraculous about a book?
The prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, did not know how to read or write. Yet the Qur?an which was being revealed to him was (and still is) the highest pinnacle of literary beauty and excellence in the Arabic Language. It was beyond the ability of the prophet to produce this book. And God dec . . .
Organization of the Universe
What the Qur’an mentions about the organization of the Universe is important because “these references constitute a
new fact of divine Revelation” (The Bible, the Qur’an and Science, p. 153). The Qur’an deals with this matter i . . .
Questions About the Qur?an
Why does surah Fussilat say that the heavens and the earth were created in eight days whereas other surahs say six days?

  • It does not say eight days. The total days given is six when you realize that the heaven . . .
Science in the Quran
Chapter 1:

From a Gaseous
Mass to the Heavens and the Earth

The Qur'an was
reveale . . .

Scientific Accuracy of the Qur'an Amazes Uof T Professor
This message is based on an article entitled "Highlights of Human Embryology in the Koran and the Hadith" by Dr. Keith Moore, Professor of Anatomy and Chairman of the Department, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto, 1982 (to obtain a free c . . .
The Sun & Moon and Their Orbits
Today we know that the Moon revolves around the earth in approximately 29.5 days. The sun also revolves in its
own orbit. To understand the sun’s orbit, Dr. Bucaille says that the position of the sun in our galaxy must be
considered, a . . .
The Sun & Moon Move With Their Own Motion part 2
The Qur’an makes the following statement about the sun and the moon:

“Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion” (Qur’an 21:33; 36:40).

Why did the Qur’an say that the sun and moon move with the . . .
What Holds up the Sky?
Today scientists speak of gravitational forces that hold the heavenly bodies apart from each other and prevent them
from colliding with each other. How was this to be conveyed to the first readers of the Qur’an? God tells us in the
Qur . . .
What Shape is the Earth?
Today we can look at a globe and know that the earth is somewhat like a ball, a sphere. The Qur’an makes certain statements that led Muslim scientists to understand long before their European counterparts that the earth is spherical. When Europe was in the da . . .